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Silicone Mould Making (Sat & Sun, 16-17 May)

This course is a hands on two-day intensive course on Silicone Mould Making, focusing on casting and mould making using silicone rubber moulds.

Silicone is a versatile material that enables you to make highly detailed moulds that are flexible and can be used to make many casts. During the course you will identify various rubber mould making techniques including:

Solid rubber moulds.

Skin moulds with plaster jackets.

Cavity moulds with plaster Jackets.

You will identify how to manipulate this fantastic mould making material through this variety of processes. You will also learn how to cast into silicone rubber moulds using plaster, wax, and cement.

Open to all levels including beginners.

It would be ideal for participants who have a small sculpture to cast, but it is not necessary as we will also have objects here for you to cast.

It is essential to wear old clothes and strong footwear.

Materials for a small size cast are included.

Please note the cost of the course includes 1kg of Silicone. Additional Silicone is available to purchase on the day if required.

Course Cost: £220

Course date: Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th May 2020

Course times: 10am-1pm & 2-pm-4pm

Number of places available: 10

Tutor: Lauren Wilson (Slade) MFA Fine Art. To view her work click here.

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