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Sand Casting with Aluminium (September)

This exciting four day course offers you the opportunity to engage with and understand the sand casting process.

The workshop will be hands on throughout the four days, covering the essential requirements of moulding with sand, pattern making, melting and pouring Aluminium, and final finishing of the casting.

Day 1

Monday 11th September

A short presentation about sand casting and its counterpart the lost wax method, followed by the practical session taking you through the moulding process.

Day 2

Tuesday 12th September

A talk about patterns and pattern making followed by the practical workshop making a pattern. You may take the pattern away to work on.

Day 3

Wednesday 13th September

Moulding your pattern up,pattern removal,melting and pouring the aluminium knocking out the casting. Reclaiming the sand.

Day 4

Thursday 14th September

Finishing the casting by fettling and chasing. Followed by a discussion about the workshop and techniques and processes.

Please note the cost of the course includes 2kg of Aluminium. Additional Aluminium will be available to purchase over the period of this course.

The course is technician supported.

Course cost £283

Dates: Monday 11th, Tuesday 12th, Wednesday 13th & Thursday 14th September 2017

Number of places available: 12

Course Times: 10am – 4pm

Tutor: Phillip White. Phillip is a sculptor and a painter and has spent many years working as a tutor and technician in Fine Art eduction (UAL). At Camberwell College of Arts Phillip was able to embed a sand casting process in the foundry related practices alongside the established lost wax method of casting.

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