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Press Moulds Ceramic Course (May 13th & 20th 2014)

This course, taught by artist Ruth Dupre will explore the use of Simple Plaster Press Moulds and Air Drying Clay in an exciting and thought provoking short course.

Day 1. Students bring one or two objects that will form the starting point for a piece of work. These objects need to be very simple, with no undercuts. They can be used to make simple plaster moulds from, or can be used to help form shapes, pressing clay into them with the cling film preventing it sticking. These shapes can then be added to using other building techniques.

Textures will be made by pressing clay onto objects like bark, grids, rubber mats, concrete – anything with an interesting texture.

Day 2. Similar to day 1 but this time we will additionally use the moulds made in the previous week’s session. The surface can be painted with any paint, or anything you so choose to experiment with….even tar and feathers! Please note: these additional finishing materials need to be provided by participants on the course, only a sample selection will be provided for demonstration purposes.

Please note there will be a charge for air drying clay of £2.00 per 500g

Course cost: £130

Course date: Tuesday 13th May & Tuesday 20th May 2014

Course times: 10am to 4.00pm

Number of places available: 12

Tutor: Ruth Dupre MA (RCA)

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