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Metalwork Tools

In the Metal workshop we have the following:

  • Air Compressors – We have two compressors which run our air tools and plasma cutters
  • Arcwelders - We have two oil cooled heavy duty arc welders which can weld mild steel and other materials, for example cast iron
  • Bench Grinder – This is used primarily for grinding steel
  • Bender - For bending bar, rod and strip metal up to 12mm or equivalent steel round bar
  • Brazing Hearth - This is a designated area for brazing
  • Buffer Polisher – This is used primarily for polishing steel
  • DC Tigwelder – Used for fine and delicate work
  • Engineers Lathe  - For turning down metal
  • Finger folder - Used to fold sheet metal, enabling you to fold boxes up to 3mm thick
  • Large Engineering drill – This has a large drilling capacity from fine drill work up to heavy duty drilling
  • Linisher - This is a general metal sanding machine
  • Metal Cutoff Saw – This will cut from 6mm small steel bar up to 75mm flat bar
  • Metal Guillotine - This will cut mild steel sheet up to 1 mm and aluminium up to 1.2mm
  • Migwelders - There are two heavy duty migwelders which can comfortably weld up to 20mm thickness of steel
  • Plasma Cutter - This has a cutting capacity of 10mm for solid steel and will cut other materials like copper and aluminium
  • Power Hacksaw - This has the capacity to cut heavier duty sections of metal eg. girders
  • Sandblaster - Used to clean and roughen up surfaces in various materials
  • Sheet Metal Notcher - This has a cutting capacity to cut from 1mm mild steel plate up to 3mm mild steel plate
  • Sheet Metal Rolls – Used to roll sheet metal up to 3mm and round bar up to 8mm
  • Spot welder - Used for thin sheet metal, this will spot weld up to a 2mm thickness of metal

A variety of  Air tools including: jigsaws, angle-grinders, power drills, router
A variety of Handtools including: files, mallets, hammers, metal shears, hacksaws