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Hot-Melt Rubber Mould Making & Casting Course (Mon to Thu 1-4 Apr)

This four day workshop will cover the principles of hot-melt rubber mould making and casting techniques. From two part plaster moulds you will advance to reusable PVC moulding rubber moulds, using a range of materials.

The workshop will aim to cover the principles of making:

1. A two piece plaster mould, from a choice or combination of either found or modelled objects. Determining the parting line and registration of the mould pieces is essential to the success of this type of moulding.

2. A  backup mould from an object of your making. This mould combines plaster, clay and Gelflex which is a hot-melt PVC moulding rubber that can be reused. It can produce good detail and cope with undercuts in the master pattern. Castings from the mould can be made from a variety materials including wax, plaster or concrete.

Safe workshop practice will be covered.

It is essential to wear old clothes and strong footwear.

Course cost: £250

Course dates: Monday 1st, Tuesday 2nd, Wednesday 3rd & Thursday 4th April 2019

Course times: 10am-1pm & 2pm-4pm

Number of places available: 12

Tutor: Robert Worley (RCA)


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