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Casting in Concrete & Plaster (July 2016)

In this workshop the participants will be investigating the aesthetic and conceptual abilities of mould construction and casting plaster and concrete.

The architectural possibilities of both the negative space (the mould) and the positive space (the cast) will be considered …

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Sculpting the Line (August 2016)

Join London Sculpture Workshop in collaboration with Second Floor Studio and Arts taking a 3D object into 2D and back into 3D.  This course is ideal for artists looking to develop their drawing skills as well as those interested in …

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Exploring Clay Sculpture (April/May/June)

This is a clay modelling course for all abilities including beginners. Work on a subject of your choice in three dimensions from still-life, the natural world, figurative and abstract or photographic imagery. Model in clay to kiln fire, or cast …

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Clay Slip Casting for Sculpture (May)

An introduction to making slip moulds from clay sculptures or three dimensional objects.

This process allows you to cast ceramic multiples from a single mould and experiment with different colours and finishes on the same modelled artwork. This course is

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Plaster Taster Course (June)

This is an exciting 1 day weekend course offering an introduction to Plaster, a highly versatile material often used by sculptors.

Plaster is a reasonably cheap and convenient material to use within the studio.  It is a fast setting material …

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Open Access Sculpture Workshop (May/June)

This is a fantastic opportunity for practitioners, sculptors/makers/designers to continue to develop their individual projects within the workshop environment.

There will be onsite technical support for use of all workshop equipment. This includes the use of all metalwork and woodworking …

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