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Casting in Concrete & Plaster (January 2017)

In this workshop the participants will be investigating the aesthetic and conceptual abilities of mould construction and casting plaster and concrete.

The architectural possibilities of both the negative space (the mould) and the positive space (the cast) will be considered …

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Welding for Artists (March 2017)

This workshop will take place over three days and will enable you to learn a variety of skills for working with metals, whether you are thinking of a sculpture or of a design idea.

Included in the course are procedures …

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Sand Casting with Aluminium (March 2017)

This exciting four day course offers you the opportunity to engage with and understand the sand casting process.

The workshop will be hands on throughout the four days, covering the essential requirements of moulding with sand, pattern making, melting and

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Pewter Casting (February 2017)

Discover the art of pewter casting using the ancient ‘lost wax method’ in this 4 session course.

Make a sculpture from wax or clay to cast in pewter. Explore and experiment with new sculpture techniques.

What is Pewter? It’s a …

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Mould Making: Silicone (February 2017)

This course is a hands on two-day intensive course on Silicone Mould Making, focusing on casting and mould making using silicone rubber moulds.

Silicone is a versatile material that enables you to make highly detailed moulds that are flexible and …

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