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Casting & Sculpture in Jesmonite (Sat & Sun, 26 – 27 Feb 2022)

This two day course is an introduction to working with Jesmonite.

Jesmonite can be used to replicate the appearance and texture of any surface finish, and even the finest of detail. It can mimic the appearance of materials such as stone, wood, leather and fabric. It is strong and durable, can be pigmented to any colour and used to create decorative surface effects.

It is often used as lightweight alternative to stone and concrete. It has become an increasingly popular material widely used by artists, designers and prop-makers.

Jesmonite is a brand name for a group of products that have a gypsum base and a water based acrylic resin making it kinder to the environment than other resins.

This two day course will explore the different applications of Jesmonite . You will have the opportunity to work hands on, constructing geometric and curved forms, creating decorative effects using pigment, and you will learn how to replicate other materials and textures using Jesmonite.

Day 1

-Introduction to the material, experimentation with mould making techniques using Polypropylene sheets that can be cut, scored and folded to make geometric and curved moulds relatively quickly that you will cast into.

– You will learn how use Jesmonite pigments, create decorative effects such as Terrazzo and mar- bling, join objects together using Jesmonite and finishing processes.

Day 2

You will learn how to make a simple Silicone mould to mimic another material such as leather, fabric or wood and will learn how to laminate hollow castings with Jesmonite using Thixotrope and Quadaxial glass reinforcement.

You are welcome to bring your own silicone moulds to cast into if you wish. Recommended for beginners and those with some experience.

Please wear protective clothing.

Masks, gloves and basic materials for a small size cast are included.

Please note: The cost of the course includes 1kg of jesmonite. Additional jesmonite is available to purchase on the day if required.

Course cost: £295

Course date: Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th February 2022

Course times: 10am-1pm & 2pm – 4pm

Number of places available: 8

Tutor: Ben Lee (CSM, UCL)


Please note: We reserve the right to change our tutors from those advertised. This happens rarely, but if it does, we are unable to refund fees due to this. Our tutors may have different teaching styles; however we guarantee a consistent quality of teaching in all our courses.


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