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Casting in Concrete and Plaster (Wed & Thurs, 8-9 Apr 2020)

In this workshop the participants will be investigating the aesthetic and conceptual abilities of mould construction prior to casting in concrete and plaster.

The architectural possibilities of both the negative space (the mould) and the positive space (the cast) will be considered through an intuitive and open-ended process. Students will be constructing and casting shapes, and are encouraged to experiment with different finishes, textures and materials. Participants will have the opportunity to think through making and explore material qualities hands-on.

Day 1 – Experimentation

-Inverted space moulding and quick formwork-Experimentation through making a series of quick sketch moulds and plaster casts-Casting in plaster

Available materials: OSB chipboard, MDF, Flexible materials, form board, cardboard, plastics

Day 2 – Extrapolation

-Use the experiences gained in the sketches of day one to make new moulds and shapes-Casting in plaster and concrete-Adding texture-Finishing qualities -Conclusion.

Please feel free to bring material to experiment with for mould making and casting into.

Please bring protective clothing (inc. boiler suit and heavy duty footwear)

All materials will be supplied.

Course cost: £165

Course Dates: Wednesday 8th & Thursday 9th April 2020

Course times: 10am-1pm & 2pm–4pm

Number of places available: 16

Tutor: Lauren Wilson (Slade) MFA Fine Art. To view her work click here.

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